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Herniated Stoma

Hello Everyone. Just one more thing after another isn't it? I had to see the ostomy nurse today. The area around my stoma is so sensitive and puffy. One look and she says that it is herniated. Now what? I have to see the surgeon that did the colostomy surgery next Thurs. Has anyone had a stoma area become herniated and what is the course of action? My ostomy is permanent and it is hard enough dealing with this and now I have this solid puffiness around the area. Does anyone with a stoma have a sensitive area around? Does it ever sting or sore when moving from a seated position to standing? I guess it is another one of those things that happen and no one tells you that it can and what to look for. I would appreciate your input helping me with this Thanks and Happy Easter Weekend
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I'm sorry this has happened. Yes it sucks, just another thing to have to deal with. I've never had this happen to me, and I only had the puffiness a few weeks after surgery. But I have heard this happening to others and they had to have a minor surgery to correct the problem. They said it was an easy recovery compared to the colostomy proceedure. And I imagine it was. So sorry you are facing possible surgery. The doctor has the final say and will diagnose. My home visiting nurse had kept telling me that I had a hernia and when I got into the doctors, well she was completely wrong. So there is still hope that perhaps this isn't a herniated stoma. But if it is, you are taking proactive stand to quickly deal with the issue.I will say prayers for you. I understand how this fan be very upsetting. (Oh, the nurse said I had a hernia because I showed her an area on my belly that kept "popping" out. Come to find out I was just healing and it was just an area that would swell thru out the day) It no longer does that.
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